Photography Database – Adventure Travel – September 2007

Development of the Northern Montenegro tourism product has been hampered partly by the fact that for more than a decade there were no capital investments in the tourism infrastructure of the region.  The previous Tourism Master Plan of 2002 was focused on coastal development and the majority of promotional activities in the recent period were related to this region only. 

Subsequently, all of the tourism promotional materials for the North have become outdated and only a few initiatives have been developed in the subsequent period. The new and fragile local tourism organizations are struggling to build capacities in a very unfavourable environment, and the idea of branding northern Montenegro as a perfect place for activity holidays is relatively fresh, but still lacking a variety of finalized products and especially innovative ideas.

One of the obstacles for the creation of useful and professional-looking  promotional materials is the lack of a quality database of photographs, especially ones featuring vistas and everyday-life activities of characteristic northern communities, as well as different activities done in unspoiled nature (such as hiking, biking, rafting, etc.).

Detail from Sinjajevina Hut Bikers in Nevidio Canyon Hiking Durmitor Region

In the revised Tourism Master Plan for Montenegro the development of activity holidays is prioritized as a key development segment for both the National Tourism Organization and local tourism organizations and, among other things, will require professional photographs to create promotional materials for the next tourist season. Therefore CSTI has engaged a professional photographer and created an itinerary that covers several national parks and activities or traditional villages. CSTI's Operation Manager and Project Officer worked closely with the National Tourism Organization (NTO) to ensure that this project is connected partly with the first pilot biking tour through Montenegro, in order to get photographs for the first biking brochure that is planned to be produced by NTO.

To expand the promotional photograph stock available to local, regional and national tourism organizations in Montenegro, especially related to activity holidays in the northern region.


  • To create an itinerary that will include locations, trails and spots, enabling the taking of photographs that would feature people from the highlands, everyday-life activities, cultural themes, typical flora and fauna, as well as adventure tourism activities.
  • To create a substantial database of photographs that will increase the visibility of northern Montenegro and create new opportunities for this undervalued tourism destination.
  • To encourage information and knowledge exchange among recipients of the photographs, resulting in networking and partnerships.